What size tent do I need?

This depends on what you are going to do under the tent and the number of people you expect to be under the tent at any given time. Banquet seating (people sitting at tables) and Auditorium seating (people sitting in chairs in rows like in a theater) are listed next to the sizes of tents. If you are going to have a dance floor, DJ/Band, buffet tables, gift tables, etc. you will need to make allowances for this by going to the next size tent or maybe even two sizes up. If you are not sure please call our office where one of our experienced reservation specialists will help you decide.

What is the difference between a Pole Tent and a Frame Tent and which do I need?

Pole tents have perimeter “side poles” and “center poles” going down the center of the tent. In some 60-wide and greater widths there are another set of poles that are half-way between the center poles and the side poles (these are called “quarter poles”). In 20, 30 and 40 wide tents there are only poles going down the center (no quarter poles). Pole tents use ratchet straps that extend to stakes that are 6-8 feet out from each side pole.
Frame tents only have perimeter (side poles) and no center poles. These tents are only slightly more expensive to rent than pole tents. Traditionally, frame tents are used for more formal events or events where a more sturdy structure is required. Pole tents are generally used for parties and gatherings that have plenty of space. Frame tents are generally used in areas of limited space where you are trying to get the most tent in the smallest space and are great for parking lot sales, street parties where it is impossible to drill in the surface or where a center pole is not acceptable

How much space do I need for each type of tent?

Pole Tents: It is best if you have an unobstructed space 20-feet greater than the width and 20-feet greater than the length. For example if you want to rent a 30×60 Pole Tent you should have an unobstructed space of 50×80.
Frame Tents: Need minimal additional space – as little as 5-feet greater than the width and 5-feet greater than the length.

Does the price of the tent include set up and tear down?

Yes! However, delivery charges not included and are based on travel requirements to and from your event location.

Are sides included in the price of the tent?

Most of our tents have cathedral windowed sides which are available for an additional charge. You may rent one side or all sides depending on your need and weather conditions.

Can the tent be set up on concrete?

We routinely set pole and frame tents on concrete. For Pole Tents we must drill into the concrete and use anchors where we attach “eye bolts” (instead of stakes) to attach our ratchet straps. Frame tents can be anchored with concrete anchors (like pole tents) or by the use of water barrels (customer is responsible for providing access to water)  which alleviates the need to drill.

What do I need to do before you set the tent up?

1. Some cities require a “tent permit” – call your city hall to inquire about this requirement and what you need to get this done. If your city requires us to get the permit we charge $150 for this service.
2. If you have underground sprinklers, septic, or other underground utilities you must mark the lines with string and point this out to our installers. We cannot see what is under the surface of the ground and take no responsibility for any damage to subsurface utilities/lines.
3. Clear the area. Please ensure the area in which you want the tent installed is completely free of all obstructions prior to our installers arriving.

Are the tents weather proof?

Under normal weather conditions tents provide a dry haven for outdoor events. Tents are temporary structures and ARE NOT intended to be occupied during lightning or high winds – evacuate to a permanent structure during inclement severe weather.

How far out should I reserve my tent?

Sooner is always better. Although we have several tents in different sizes available it is best if you reserve your tent as early as possible to ensure the size you want is available for the date of your event.

When do you set the tent up?

As a general rule we like to put tents up one to three days prior to your event (depending on schedule and need) and take them down the next business day following your event. This gives us time to reschedule in case of inclement weather  and allows you time to decorate!

Can we decorate the tent?

Yes! Please do not use anything that will get next to the white tent top and possibly cause a color transfer or residue. Tape, Crate paper, balloons, signs, etc. are a few examples of things that may induce a color transfer which will require the tent to be professionally cleaned or possibly replaced. Such maintenance or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the renter. Our recommendation is it’s always best to ask…we can provide professional assistance in achieving your decoration and design ideas.

How does lighting work and what is the difference?

We first run the extension cords thru the top of the tent as we install it and run it down the center poles. We can install halogen lights either pointing down or reflecting upwards off the tent. In our frame tents, we can hang decorative lighting fixtures such as beautiful chandeliers.

Can someone from Confetti’s Tent & Event look at our area and tell us the size tent we can put up?

Yes! We are happy to come to your place and survey the area. There is a $95 charge for this service if within the DFW metroplex, but that charge is applied to your rental. Outside of the metroplex, please call for pricing

What if I only need the tent for 1-day can I get the tent cheaper than the “3-day” rate?

Our charges are the same for 1-day or 3-days as a large part of tent pricing is the labor that is involved in setting up a tent and then cleaning it when it is returned. Moreover, we often setup our tents a day in advance and pick up the day following the event as tents are often needed prior to other setup items and can only come down once other items are removed. We do offer discounted pricing on extended events…call us to discuss your specific needs.

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